haj Ibrahim abu el Hawa

Ibrahim operates a free hostel in Jerusalem. 50,000 visitors of all faiths enjoyed his hospitality so far, helping counter racism and promote peace.
13% Funded
  • $170.00 Donated
  • $1,300.00 Goal
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About the Campaign

Haj Ibrahim Abu-el-Hawa has dedicated his life to promote understanding between people of different faiths, nationalities and races. His open home on the Mount of Olives has been welcoming guests from all over the world, free of charge, for many years. His guests receive a warm meal and a bed, as well as a window into the life of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims in general, thereby countering prejudice, fear and racism. The costs of keeping Ibrahim’s home open include utilities, taxes and food costs — which are otherwise borne by Ibrahim and pose a significant financial challenge to him and his family.

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